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The ‘Teddy Bear’ of The Bay at Suring

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Canine Compassion Offered by Oliver

Patients and residents at The Bay at Suring Health and Rehabilitation Center love getting a visit from Oliver, a four-legged caregiver who dispenses joy and a few licks around the facility.

Oliver is a 2-year-old Shih Tzu/Bichon dog mix, which is also known as a “Teddy Bear.” He comes into the facility with her owner Tracy Prochnow, a Medication Technician who has worked at The Bay at Suring for more than 15 years.

“It’s all about the unconditional love from him,” Prochnow says. “Oliver makes them happy and brightens their day. He’s a different face, it breaks up the routine, and they look forward to see him when he comes through the front door.”

Oliver has been coming to The Bay at Suring since he was just a puppy so that Prochnow could potty train Oliver while she did her job. But what started out as workplace flexibility has turned into Oliver becoming a part of the family at the facility.

“Oliver knows the machinery that I work with, he knows when to get out of the way and doesn’t get scared by some of the sounds that my equipment makes,” Prochnow says.

Now Oliver is able to go around the facility on his own to visit residents and sometimes even gets a few treats from some of his friends who are residents at the facility.

Nancy Andrade, a resident at The Bay at Suring is known as the “Treat Lady.” Whenever Oliver is in the center, he knows where to go to get his fix of bacon-wrapped sweet potato-flavored dog treats.

“Oliver is just cheerful, he such a nice little guy – I love him and he loves everybody,” said Andrade, who over the last two years of calling The Bay at Suring her home, has watched Oliver grow up from a puppy. “I love animals and I had a dog when I lived at home.”

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